TrackMobile enables your scale to automatically record every loads. Using the cellular network, your data is sent to your online account.

Connected to your equipment 24/7

This modem sends your production into your online TracKMobile account. From the software, you can manage your data, print reports and export them into an Excel format. This way, you can receive a daily production report directly on your mobile and even automatically send your day-to-day production report by email to the key managers.

Login to TrackWeight Mobile.

Why choosing this data transfer modem?

Wireless production data

Your scale production data use the cellular network in order to appear in your TrackMobile online account. Even if cellular coverage is weak, the modem will keep and try to send the data until it receives an acknowledgement of receipt.

For loaders and trucks

If your scale has a RS-232 port, you can add a TrackMobile data transfer modem. In a few minutes, your machine is on the cellular network.

Pinpoint the location and configuration remotely

Besides its wireless data transfer, this modem can manage scale configuration and diagnose wireless communication. TrackMobile can also pinpoint the location of your machine.


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