The BRT5 Series II onboard scale from TrackWeight is the latest axle weighing technology on truck and semi-trailer. 20 years of expertise in weighing at your service.

Don’t trust your eyes, load with numbers!

Did you know that the BRT onboard scales have been used for over 20 years? With the TrackWeight brand, this wonderful success will now be available everywhere around the globe. Customers and our employees take great pride in this high tech product which is designed by our team along with innovative technologies.

The powerful BRT5

The TrackWeight control box which is receiving signal from the sensors, is the most powerful conceived yet by our engineers. A website and mobile application will come soon in order to manage your production.

Advanced display

Easy-to-use, the BRT5 clearly displays the weight by axle groups and the total weight according to your suspension type. Depending on the ambient lighting condition, the monitor adjusts automatically the display brightness.

Easy and quick installation

It is easy to install. All parts are clearly identified and easily connect to each other. Installation videos are available on the support page. Your local dealer can also do it for you!

Sensors for all suspension types

We develop electronic sensors that fit many suspension types; air, beam and more.

External loading lights

Optional sets of 2 or 3 LED lights have been designed to be installed outside the truck. They are gradually flashing until the maximum axle limit loading is obtained.

Quick printing and reports available

The optional compact printer allows to manage every loading and unloading at your customers facility with a detailed printed coupon.

Particular needs ?

You want to connect your BRT5 to an auxiliary managing system? No problem! It has several communication modes and can fit your needs thanks to our software engineers.


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