The conception of each Track-Vision product is focused on robustness in order to perform under rigorous conditions.

Track-Vision, designed to last

The Track-Vision brand has been developed from a deep expertise in construction and industrial equipment and understands the importance of durability in products. This is why Track-Vision safety solutions that we offer are first tested by us and then proven in the field under rigorous conditions.

The success behind these backup camera systems

High definition camera

The Track-Vision camera will capture every detail of your working environment with its 130° viewing angle. Its heated lens defies the cold and condensation to relay clear and sharp image.

Night vision

Its 12 high power infrared LED provides you with an unparalleled quality night vision at ranges of up to 10 meters.

Tested in the field

Track-Vision backup cameras have been tested in several conditions. From the cold temperature of arctic Canada (-40°C) to the hot summer of Arizona (110°F), they perform flawlessly and produce a sharp image.

Commercial and industrial grades

The commercial grade set is specially designed for commercial vehicles, with a closed cab, for a standard use. However, the industrial grade sets are ideal when robustness is required due to vibrations, dust and humidity.


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