2000 times per second… Speed of the new TrackWeight BRT5 Series II scale

14 Jan 2021

TrackWeight Systems, a Quebec manufacturer of weighing systems for trucks and semi-trailers, is once again innovating in the field of transport weighing: the BRT 5 Series II, equipped with the all-new intelligent control box with USB port. Featuring a brand new interface, it is designed to maximize and accelerate loading while preventing weight overloads that lead to costly fines and lost productivity.

The monitor’s new sleek, brushed and black aluminum design integrates better with the dashboards of various truck manufacturers to please even the most demanding truckers. Adding icons will allow you to find the desired functionality at a glance, such as printing, activating/deactivating alarms or accessing the scale menu. The brightness of the display is automatically adjustable and, as an option, it is also possible to have the buttons backlit.

“It is the most powerful electronic processor we have developed. It accurately measures thousands of readings per second on each axle group at an ultra fast speed,” said Marc-André Lefebvre, President of TrackWeight Systems. Thanks to the new second-generation intelligent control box with integrated USB port, it is now possible to add future features to the BRT5 Series II scale. Offering more memory than previous versions, the TrackWeight control box now manages up to 25 trailers for more flexibility for large fleets of semi-trailers. TrackWeight BRT5 Series II scale is now available across Canada via the RMT network and its affiliated partners.

About TrackWeight
TrackWeight Systems is specialized in the design and manufacture of onboard weighing systems for the transport industry. The BRT product line is proudly manufactured in Canada. The company has continued to grow and expand in the North American and international markets since the launch of its new scale range. For more details on TrackWeight products, we invite call our toll-free at 1-800-648-8132.